The Premier Music School in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

Published: Dec 25, 2016

Less than 5 minutes from Broadmeadows, Westmeadows, Attwood, Greenvale and Tullamarine

Did you know that we are no more than  5 minutes drive from Broadmeadows, Westmeadows, Attwood, Greenvale and Tullamarine. We are a 10 minute drive from Coolaroo, Dallas and Gowanbrae, 12 minutes from Meadow Heights, 13 minutes from Highlands Estate, Craigieburn or Campbellfield and 15 minutes from Roxburgh Park.

Excellence in Music Lessons

We work hard to create an environment which supports students to achieve to their best. We are the only music school in the northern suburbs which offers a scholarship.  The northern music school scholarship  is awarded to the student who has worked the hardest for the term. We issue practice/homework sheets to all of our students at the start of each term. The students are asked to write down their musical goal for the term and we build their practice/homework plan with them for achieving that goal. Just the same as a school homework sheet, the students need to get mum or dad’s signature every time they practice. At the end of the term we review their progress against their goals and the teachers recommend students for the scholarship based on their diligence and progress. To be eligible for the scholarship, the students must submit the completed practice sheet at the end of the term.

We do this, because we know students will practice more and hence make more progress if they are using a practice sheet.

Music Examinations, Recitals, Special Events

We encourage our students to enrol in examinations. We can prepare our students for practical examinations in individual instruments including Piano, Guitar, Singing, Drums, Bass Guitar, Violin, Clarinet, Flute and Music Theory and Music Composition. This includes AMEB, ANZCA and VCE examinations.

We hold recitals in a supportive environment and encourage our students to perform. Live performance is an important part of the learning process.

We also Have special workshops and seminars, such as “How to Learn Music Fast” and we also run free music lesson workshops off site which are open to anyone including our students.

 Convenience of multiple music teachers under one roof.

If you have more than one child who requires music lessons, we try to organise the lessons at the same time. Say one of your children requires drum lessons and another requires guitar lessons. No problem. We will schedule the lessons at the same time so you only need to make one trip. Two birds one stone. We have a number of families in this situation. And we will offer a discount for the second child! We offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, bass lessons,  violin lessons, drum lessons, clarinet lessons and flute lessons.

As we have multiple piano teachers, guitar teachers, singing teachers and bass teachers we have the luxury of changing teachers if your child doesn’t click with their teacher or you fell another teacher might get better results. Having multiple teachers also helps us to offer more times.





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