Drum Lessons Content

You drum teacher will have a lesson plan for each of your drum lessons. They will cover all of the information and skills you need to become a drummer. How good you become will be up to you!

A drummer needs to learn a wide range of musical skills. This includes musical theory, aural skills, rhythm, syncopation, and the ability to read music. There are also drum skills including posture, grip and technique, dexterity, pedal technique independence of limbs and strength development.

Your drum lessons will cover musical theory, exercises, technique and teach you how to play songs including reading the music.  Our studio is equipped with two drum kits. They face each other so the teacher can talk to the student while sitting at a kit. This way, the drum teacher can play a pattern and then watch while the student plays the pattern back. The teacher can give instant feedback and correction by playing the pattern again. The drum teacher and student can also play in time together.

Drum LessonsThe drummer is the band’s timekeeper and sets the tempo and feel of the song. Our drum teacher is here to help you become that. It is the drummer’s role (with the support of the bass player) to keep the band in time and on track. The drummer must be an expert in time. Any aspiring drummer must be prepared to work with a metronome. Many bands now use backing tracks which feed a click to the drummer in a monitor. The drummer needs to play in time with the click to keep the band in time with the backing track.

Your drum teacher can prepare you for VCE, ANZCA or AMEB examinations. They can also prepare you to perform at our recitals. We can teach all styles and would like to teach you how to play the songs you love.

We offer 30 minute or 60 minute private drum lessons. (One student at a time.) We also offer 45 minute duo lessons. (Two students at a time)

You will receive regular feedback about your technique to ensure you are learning correctly.


Drum Teacher:

Jamie Ruggeri