Music School Near Greenvale, Tullamarine Westmeadows, Attwood and Broadmeadows

Did you know that we are less than  5 minutes drive from Broadmeadows, Westmeadows,Attwood, Greenvale and Tullamarine. We are a 10 minute drive from Coolaroo, Dallas and Gowanbrae, 12 minutes from Meadow Heights, 13 minutes from Highlands Estate, Craigieburn or Campbellfield and 15 minutes from Roxburgh Park. We have Piano Teachers, Singing Teachers, Guitar Teachers, Bass Teachers a Drum Teacher, Violin Teacher, Clarinet Teacher and Flute Teacher. So if you live in any of these subrubs we have your needs covered and we are near!

How we help you get the best possible results

The whole purpose of our school is to help you get the best possible results in learning your chosen instrument.  To achieve this, we will apply the very best teaching methods in your music lessons and help you to develop the most effective practice routine.

People sometimes ask us: “How long will it take until I can play the instrument?” The answer is simple. It depends on:

  1. How often you come to music lessons,
  2. How regularly you practice and
  3. How effectively you practice.

We’re not just your music teacher. We’re also your coach. We will teach you what you need to learn at that point in time. We will encourage you to do the practice you need to and help you to establish an effective practice routine using a practice log.

Northern Music School Scholarship

We created the NMS scholarship to highlight the importance of regular attendance and regular practice and to provide an incentive for students to apply themselves.

It is awarded at the end of each term to the student we believe applied themselves the most during the term. To be eligible, you need to attend all lessons during the term and complete and submit your practice sheets. Students with the best attendance and practice records will then be considered for the scholarship.

Other Resources

If you like the Northern Music School facebook page, we will keep you informed with practice advice and learning hacks which will help you to learn quicker.

How Music Builds Better Brains

It is now well accepted that taking music lessons musical enhances the development of the human brain. There is a growing body of scientific research into how this is works and there is strong evidence that people who study music at a young age perform better at university entrance examinations. There is also evidence that taking music lessons in adult life and senior years can delay or prevent the onset of age related dementia and even alzheimers disease.

Here is a short video which explains how playing a musical instrument strengthens numerous brain functions: