As a way of keeping lessons going, so you do not lose momentum, we are introducing online lessons.

There are some real benefits to learning online:

  • you  will be in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • you will save the time and costs of travelling to and from lessons
  • your musical development will continue and you will not lose momentum
  • you will get valuable hands on experience using a communications app
  • it will be a welcome stimulating interaction during an otherwise difficult time
  • you can record the lesson and play it back later as required

Apps: We have trialled a few video chat apps and come to the conclusion that Zoom is the most stable and offers the most features. So that is our preferred app. We can also use other apps if you prefer, but we think your experience will be best with Zoom.

Before the lesson, download the zoom app. Here is the link:

We will set up the meeting at our end and will send you an invitation by email. All you need to do is accept the invitation, enter the code you were sent with the invitation and make sure your camera, microphone and speakers are turned on.


•             Have a device ready and set up so we can see you and see your hands on the instrument. A larger screen is better.

•             External mic, headset or speakers can be helpful

•             Think about how you will position the device so the teacher can get a clear view of what you are doing. There will be some trial and error in this process. A music stand can be very useful for positioning a device in the best position

●             Make sure the lesson/practice space is set up and free of distractions for the lesson.

•             For younger students it is helpful to have a parent present for the lesson

•             Ensure adequate lighting

●             Check your email regularly – your teachers may be sending links to Zoom meetings or other lesson resources


●             Backdrop: Think of your background – curtains make an excellent backdrop, as to wardrobe doors etc. If there are mirrors, what can you see in the mirror?

●             Clothing: An obvious one, but make sure you’re dressed appropriately, as you would be for a face-to-face lesson. No pyjamas, bare feet, bathrobes etc.

●             Lighting: make sure that you are in a well-lit space, preferably with a light source in front of and above you so as to make you as visible as possible.

●             Distractions / Noise: Try to keep the space free of pets, siblings, foot traffic and noise as much as possible.

During Lessons:

●             Be patient. Your teacher is learning as much as you are!

●             Be responsive. Make sure you’re speaking during lessons. It can feel weird talking to a computer, but if you’re silent and still, your teacher might think there’s something wrong with the technology! Answer questions and be engaged.

●             Be brave. If other people can hear you, you might feel a bit embarrassed about singing/playing. It’s totally normal and ok to feel this way – make sure you let your teacher know if you’re feeling awkward and they can help you.

●             Have fun!

General Tips:

●             You’re won’t be able to do exactly the same things as you normally do in a lesson. This is ok.

●             Things may take a little more time than usual, especially at the beginning when you’re learning the technology.

●             Latency/lag will be an issue sometimes. Try not to get too frustrated.

●             Record your lessons or ask your teacher to record it and send it to you!

●             Be kind to yourself and others. Things are changing rapidly, but by working together, you can continue to succeed in your music lessons and progress as a musician!