Singing Lessons Content

Your singing teacher will have a lesson plan for each of your singing lessons. They will cover all of the knowledge and skills you need to develop into a singer.

Singing involves using the entire body. So a singer needs to be relaxed and well connected with their body. Posture and breath support are essential. Singers are trained to breathe. This sounds funny because we already breathe. But a singer is trained to breath from the bottom of their lungs so they can fill their entire lungs with air.  They use the diaphragm muscle to do this. This provides the support required to sustain notes and produce the best tone.

Your singing teacher will teach general music skills. This includes music theory, aural skills, rhythm, syncopation, pitch, harmony and reading music. They will also teach you vocal technique. This includes aural training, breathing, diction and vocal technique.Singing Lessons

Singing lessons will include breathing and vocal exercises, scales and arpeggios and learning to sing songs. The teacher will also be working with you to develop accurate pitching (So you sing in tune) and correct vocal technique.

Your singing teacher can prepare you for VCE, ANZCA or AMEB examinations. They can also prepare you to perform at our recitals. We can teach all singing styles and would like to teach you how to play the songs you love.

Your Singing lesson teachers  Melisa Tunay  and Jennifer De Guzman offer 30 minute or 60 minute private piano lessons (One student at a time) and 45 minute duo lessons (Two students at a time) in Meadow Heights, Gladstone Park, Tullamarine, Westmeadows, Attwood, Greenvale, Broadmeadows, Coolaroo, Dallas, Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn.

You will also receive regular feedback about your technique to ensure you are learning correctly.

The human voice is an incredibly versatile instrument. It is capable of reproducing a diverse range of sounds. There is a lot of training which goes into developing singing technique. Our singing teacher is here to help you get the very best out of your voice. An Australian group which really showcases vocal versatility is the Idea of North. In this clip, you can hear them perform a song using nothing but their voices: