Guitar Teacher - Stefan Comar

guitar lessons in broadmeadows

Guitar Teacher

Stefan Comar started learning at the age of 12. He has completed Tertiary music studies at Kangan and Melbourne Polytechnic. You can catch Stefan performing with his band “Cargo Nights”. Stefan says: “Music is a form of expression. It is about how you connect to the guitar. That comes from inside the soul”

Jennifer DeGuzman

Our singing and piano teacher giving a piano lesson in our Gladstone Park Studio

Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Jennifer has been studying music since she was 5. She is currently studying Health Science and hopes to become a Music Therapist. Jennifer loves teaching. She says “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students enjoy music as I do”

Jamie Ruggeri

Our drum teacher, Jamie Ruggeri showing the studi where he takes drum lessons

Drum Teacher

Jamie started learning the drums at Northern Music School. He has come full circle and is now our drum teacher. He has played in bands with diverse musical styles. His current band “Terra” is a punk/alternative rock band. Jamie’s loves “watching his students learn their first beat. His joy as a drum teacher comes from seeing them get excited and determined to learn more.”

Armando (Dave) Olivieri

Our guitar teacher, Dave Olivieri giving a guitar lesson.

Guitar Teacher, Bass Teacher

Dave has a wealth of musical knowledge. He has been studying and playing for over 30 years. Dave has been teaching at NMS for 6 years. For Dave, the reward of teaching is “the look on a student’s face when they understand the language of music” Dave has played in many bands over the years. Dave is currently performing mainstream latin, funk and soul in  the duo “Sam and Dave”

Leon Madafferi

Our piano teacher giving a piano lesson.

Piano Teacher

Leon has been playing piano and keyboards and singing for over 30 years. He has performed in touring bands all over Australia. He is now playing keyboards and singing in duos and trios. Leon is also composing and recording original songs. Leons joy as a piano teacher comes “when a student plays a musical piece to their own surprise.”

Lorelee Hirniak

Piano Teacher Lorelee Hirniak

Piano Teacher

Lorelee started studying Piano at Northern Music School as a child. Now she has returned as a teacher. She is currently studying for her Grade 8 AMEB exam. Lorelee  believes that “Music is everything. Without music there is no purpose to what we have the privilege of hearing. It is how we connect to the world around us.”

Melisa Tunay

Violin teachers in Meadow Heights

Viloin Teacher, Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Melisa has completed ABRSM exams in Violin, Theory, Piano and Voice. She is currently in her 3rd year of a Bachelor of Music at Victoria University and plans to continue to complete a Master and a Phd. She has also complete a Music Therapy in Special Education Certificate through the Spiegel Academy which is for teaching music to special needs children, including autistic, downs and adhd. And if that isn’t enough, Melisa also speaks fluent Turkish.

John Weinber

Bass Teacher

Bass Teacher, Guitar teacher

John likes to say “It’s all about the bass.” He has studied violin, singing, guitar and his main passion, the bass. He has played with many bands and toured nationally. He has helped many students become performing bassists. John believes in regular lessons with a teacher and regular practice. They are the surefire recipe for becoming a good musician. He says that “Music is another language and another form of expression. It comes from a deeper place within us”