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Your bass teacher will have a lesson plan for each of your bass lessons. They will cover all of the information and skills you need to become a bassist. How good you become will be up to you!

A bassist needs to learn general music skills. This includes music theory, aural skills, rhythm, syncopation, pitch and harmony. It is best if the bass player learns to read. This is a valuable skill and gives a deeper understanding.  There are also bass specific skills. These include posture and technique, dexterity, correct fingering, finger independence and strength development.

Your bass lessons will cover musical theory, scales, exercises, technique and teach you how to play songs. You will also practice exercises which help develop your motor skills and technique.The bass and drums form the rhythm section in the band. So the bass player must have excellent rhythm and syncopation skills. These skills are developed by practicing specific exercises in time with a metronome.

Your bass lessons can also include different playing techniques on the bass including using a plectrum, finger technique, slapping, tapping and chords. We would like to teach you to play the songs you love.

Bass Lessons

The modern bass guitar was developed from the upright double bass. The notes and strings of a four string bass guitar are identical to those of the double bass. Bass guitars can be either fretted or fretless. Even though the bass in the picture has 4 strings, bass guitars now commonly come in 4, 5 and 6 string models. Chris Bellows from POTUSA played a two string bass! The Bass can be played with a plectrum or your hands (thumbs and fingers). Our bass teacher can teach you on any bass. The bass can be slapped or tapped and chords can be played on a bass.

Your bass teacher can prepare you for VCE, ANZCA or AMEB examinations. They can also prepare you to perform at our recitals. We can teach all bass styles and would like to teach you how to play the songs you love.

We offer 30 minute or 60 minute private bass lessons. (One student at a time). We also offer 45 minute duo lessons. (Two students at a time)

You will receive regular feedback about your technique to ensure you are learning correctly.

Bass Teachers:

John, Dave