Lesson Structure

We provide private lessons at Northern Music School. (One student at a time) At this stage, we do not offer group lessons. But if enough people ask, we will introduce them.

Most students come for a weekly 30 minute lesson.  You book in for a set time and come at the same time each week. Some students prefer a 45 minute lesson or two 30 minute lessons per week. If you have longer lessons or more frequent lessons, you will learn faster.

We can also teach 45 minute lessons to two students at a time. We call these duo lessons.


Fees will be arranged directly with your teacher.

We take bookings by the term (like school terms) and the length of term varies between about 9 to 11 weeks, but usually 10 weeks.

Missed Lessons

Missed Lessons need to be paid for, but provided you notify the teacher before 9.00am, we will provide a make up lesson. We will do that up to 2 times per term.

But you must notify the teacher not the school.

Rescheduled Lessons

Sometimes your teacher may be unable to attend lessons and will need to re-schedule. If the teacher reschedules it is like a make up lesson, but does not count in the two lesson cap. Obviously, you do not need to pay twice for a re-scheduled lesson.