Piano Lessons Content

Your piano teacher will have a lesson plan for each of your piano lessons. They will cover all of the knowledge and skills you need to develop into a pianist.

A pianist needs to learn general musical skills. This includes music theory, aural skills, rhythm, syncopation, pitch and harmony and reading music.  There are also piano skills including posture and technique, dexterity, correct fingering, coordination and independence of fingers and hands.

During piano lessons, your teacher will cover reading music, musical theory, scales, and learning songs. You will also practice exercises which help develop your motor skills and technique. You will also be taught the correct use of the foot pedals.

piano lessonsWe often get asked if there is a difference between keyboard and piano. A piano is an acoustic instrument and a keyboard is an electronic instrument. Your piano teacher can help you to learn either. When you press down on a piano key it causes a hammer to strike a string. That is how the sound is made. We say it has a mechanical action. A digital piano has a mechanical action and it feels and sounds like a piano. But the sound is produced by a computer chip and speakers. Keyboards have keys which do not have a mechanical action so they feel quite different. Keyboards produce a wide range of musical sounds.

However, the keys and notes are identical in both instruments.  The musical information you learn is the same for each. Just the feel of the keys and the sounds produced are different.

Your piano teacher can prepare you for VCE, ANZCA or AMEB examinations. They can also prepare you to perform at our recitals. We can teach all  styles and would like to teach you how to play the songs you love.

Your Piano teachers Leon, Lorelee, Isabelle, Jennifer offer 30 minute or 60 minute private piano lessons (One student at a time) and 45 minute duo lessons (Two students at a time) in Meadow Heights, Greenvale, Broadmeadows, Coolaroo, Dallas, Roxburgh Park, Craigieburn, Gladstone Park, Tullamarine, Westmeadows and Attwood.

You will also receive regular feedback about your technique to ensure you are learning correctly.