Artist Hire

We can help you find the right entertainment for your function.

Music Lessons

At NMS we offer private (one on one) music lessons and we can offer tuition to 2 students at a time (usually 45 minute lessons).

If we have sufficient demand we will offer guitar lessons in groups at a reduced rate.


From time to time we conduct free workshops on musical topics.

Band Workshops – Important life skills are learned playing in a band. You learn to play your role as a member of a team. Everyone has their own part, but it needs to lock in with what everyone else is doing.

Musical Equipment and Accessories

We sell a range of equipment and accessories including guitar strings, plectrums, capos, guitar straps, guitar bags and cases, guitar stands, music stands, microphone stands, drum sticks, metronomes, digital tuners etc.

Tuition Books

We have a range of tuition books (theory and practical) for sale. These are usually purchased by students for use in their learning program.

Rehearsal Room Hire & Private Studio

We have a rehearsal room available for hire for small bands and private studios available for individual practice. (Free for students of Northern Music School)

Meeting Room

We have a meeting room available for hire which caters for small groups up to 12 people.