Piano Lessons Meadow Heights

How can a piano class give your life a perfect musical turn?

No musical instrument is difficult to learn if one finds a good coach. A teacher not only makes you understand everything, from trivial ones to major facts, about the instruments but also analyse your performance to give proper feedback for development and modifications.  If you are planning to learn Piano, you should enrol yourself in Northern Music School and get the best Piano Lessons at Meadow Heights. This learning doesn’t only give you a sense of happiness but also opens a door to a new profession called music.

Here, our piano teacher begins the classes by teaching all the fundamentals related to piano, which comprise all the basic skills and knowledge to become a pianist. The skills include aural skills, syncopation, reading music, music theory, posture and technique, correct fingering and coordination of hands and fingers etc. The piano and keyboard are a similar type of instruments, where former is acoustic and latter is an electrical instrument. Though, we can teach you to learn both. However, the keys and notes are indistinguishable in the two instruments, but the melodic information or knowledge you learn is the same for each. Simply the vibe of the keys and the sounds delivered are different.

At our Northern Music School, we offer classes of half an hour (30 minutes) to an hour (60 minutes) for a single study and 45 minutes for two individuals together. Apart from these Piano Lessons at Meadow Heights, we also help them prepare for different types of examinations pertaining to music and also provide students with the valuable exposure by making them perform in different concerts, functions etc.

These are some basic methods and procedures we follow to turn some aspiring pianist into a perfectionist. Therefore, if you are interested in learning to play the piano, get in touch with us at – 03 9338 7639. Also, connect to us in case of any queries at – info@northernmusic.com.au


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