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The Benefits of Getting Violin Lessons from a Professional Music School

These days, there are a number of software and online programs that aim at making people play instruments without the need for going to a proper music school. These methods have gained a huge popularity very quickly but the fact remains that learning to play an instrument like the violin is a very respectful task and requires an experienced teacher or instructor. The dedicated Violin Teachers in Meadow Heights and other suburbs of Melbourne make sure that you turn up to the lessons and also ensure that you are learning everything correctly unlike automated programs and software.

The Northern Music School is one such institute that has so far created great artists with the help of its extraordinary Violin Teachers in Meadow Heights and other suburbs. So, below is a list of a few benefits you get when you learn to play the violin from a renowned music school:-

  • The violin teachers have a lesson plan for each and every class you attend.
  • They aim at covering maximum knowledge and skill that you need to become a violinist.
  • They help you cover complex music theories, aural skills, pitch & harmony, syncopation, rhythm, etc. along with specific skills such as bowing & plucking techniques, correct fingering, dexterity, etc.
  • They teach you how to play your favourite songs along with reading the music.
  • They teach you to play notes by plucking as well as bowing the strings and other playing techniques like glissando and vibrato.
  • They can also help you to prepare for examinations like AMEB, ANZCA, VCE, etc.
  • They offer 30-60 minutes of private piano lessons with only one student at a time and 45 minutes of duo lessons which involve two students at a time.

No wonder learning to play the violin has always seemed to be a very fascinating task. It is a fun and enjoyable experience. However, this experience very much depends on the medium you chose for learning the instrument. So, if you wish to learn from a professional violin or Piano Teacher in Meadow Heights and other suburbs, The Northern Music School is the place to be!



Learning to play the violin can be a very difficult and complex task if you do not have a good instructor. But now you can make this learning process faster and smoother with the help of experienced teachers of The Northern Music School. Read the blog for more!


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